Taxi KAB fashions

By Katie Best
Executive In-Depth editor

I know I have a lot of fashion obsessions (i.e. Essie nailpolish, lace, vintage, florals, the color peach), but over spring break, I found a new love for my closet.
In the words of Barney Stinson… “It’s going to be LEGEN-
It’s okay to laugh, I totally understand if random colored jeans, shorts and capris seem completely ludicrous to some; however, colored denim does not only provide the comfort of your baby blues, but also adds a spring/fashion-forward vibe to your “coming-out-of-the-crappy-winter” wardrobe. You can match up these beauties up with a plain v-neck or tank that needs some spicing up, or you can even find a patterned blouse with a shared color. There are obviously more ways to rock these, but those are just the basics. Either way you put it, these jeans color me silly (punny right?).
Here are some of the places I found my must-have colored denim (*from cheapest to most expensive):
American Eagle
Urban Outfitters
J. Crew
Joe’s Jeans (available at Nordstrom)