Student council holds spirit week

By Danielle Church

Staff Writer

The Chicago Bears, White Sox, Cubs, and Blackhawks logos could be seen on students Mon. April 16 as Student council kicked off Spring Fling week. Junior student council treasurer Mara Leane said they decided to try something different this year, having different themes each day.

Monday students advertised their favorite Chicago sports teams and Tuesday students showed off where they went for Spring Break. Wednesday was Neon day, Thursday was Spiffy day, and Friday was red, white, and blue day.

A group of about fifteen students came up with the themes. Leane said it especially made sense to have a red, white, and blue day though.

“We figured since Turnabout had a red, white, and blue theme students would probably already have the clothes,” Leane said.

Even though most students probably had the right outfits, only some people participated in Spring Fling week this year. Leane said it’s typically a lot harder to get students involved in spirit weeks throughout the year compared to Homecoming week.

She also said Student Council wishes that more people would get involved during spirit weeks because of the time and effort they put into organizing the events.

They were going to organize Spring Fling week the week before Spring break however, Student Council decided to have Spring Fling week the week before testing because it would help people to relax a little bit and have some fun.

Student Council will always be there to organize fun activities for students whether it includes pep assemblies, dances, or spirit weeks.

“It’s all about providing opportunities for people to exhibit school spirit,” Leane said.