Wacky News

By Jenny Johnson
News Editor
The Story: Mad scientist chef Heston Blumenthal and Damien Hirst where the first to create United Kingdom’s popular treat, Jaffa cakes, into a lick-able wallpaper. Engine, a communications firm in London, were the first to have 1,325 McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes posted to one of the building’s elevators.
Every time the Jaffa cake sticker is licked, the bell boy removes the now wet sticker and tosses it for sanitary reasons.
To read more about the delicious wallpaper, click here!

My take: First of all, I am not a fan of elevators. I never know whether to make conversation with fellow riders or just to stand still, listening to annoying elevator music.

Now by the looks of these Jaffa cakes, I do not think I can handle a little lick, if it was not on a public wall. I would be fighting back the urge to stick out my tongue and licking every 1,325 stickers.
But in reality, this would never happen. I feel awkward just standing next to some one in an elevator. To have some one ask me to, “scoot over because that is my favorite flavor,” would just give me nightmares.
Plus, I would just feel terrible for the bell boy that would have to not only watch people licking walls all day but then cleaning up after them too.
Though this initially is a fantastic idea, maybe it would just be better in my bedroom. I mean come on, imagine this wallpaper in the Sear’s (er Willis) Tower  elevators. Just wrong.