Wacky News

By Nabi Dressler
News Editor
The story: UCLA accidentally told 894 high school seniors they got accepted; they’re actually still on the waitlist.

My take: I can’t begin to explain how awful I feel for these students. Disappointment, especially on this scale, has to be really hard to deal with. Just imagine working your butt off for academics, sports and clubs for four years, applying to your dream school, getting the email confirming that those all-nighters you pulled studying for your AP classes weren’t in vain and getting another email (basically) saying, “We screwed up. Sorry about giving you the impression that your hard work actually paid off.”

Mistakes like this are living nightmares for anxious students. And imagine having to break the news to your proud, beaming parents (who’ve already boasted to the entire family tree that you got in). Having to delete all those congratulatory posts your friends made on your Facebook timeline must hurt.

This just makes me paranoid that if/when I get into a school that’s high up on my list, it’ll somehow be an error that’ll lead to disappointment and loads of humiliating conversation. Watch the news broadcast on the incident here, and read about how the same type of error happened in Delaware last year here.