‘Lucky One’ more than a movie

By Danielle Church
Staff Writer
If you talk to any teenage girl about Zac Efron she will probably tell you that he is extremely hot. I have to agree with those girls, and for that reason the new movie “The Lucky One” based off of Nicholas Spark’s bestselling novel deserves two thumbs up.
Efron plays marine Logan Thibault who finds a picture of a young woman while on his third tour of duty in Iraq. After he picks up the photo he turns it to the back side where it reads “stay safe” and has a streak of luck while in combat.
Thibault is put into situations where he shouldn’t have survived, yet he makes it through every single incident. Thus he believes the picture of the woman, Beth, brings him good luck and makes it his mission to find and thank her for saving his life multiple times once he gets back to the states.
Although Efron made the movie as good as it was, Taylor Schilling who played Beth was a little too old to be paired with Efron. It was just really weird at the beginning because she looked like she could be in her 30s and he is only in his early 20s.
After awhile you might start to get used to it but don’t be surprised if at first you think she kind of looks like she could be his mom.
Don’t let this stop you from seeing the flick though. “The Lucky One” was like any other romantic comedy except in that it had some really good life lessons.
For example, Thibault talks to Beth’s son, Ben, and tells him that he shouldn’t be afraid to perform the violin at church because he will be there playing the piano next to Ben. Thibault tells Ben his reasoning is that in the marines, they are never fighting to save their own lives but instead are fighting for their fellow comrades’ lives.
This teaches Ben the importance in having someone’s back and to not be selfish, portraying an important message for audiences everywhere.
So, whether you are just looking for a good movie to go see or want to drool over Zac Efron, I highly recommend “The Lucky One.”