Essie summer collection adds color

By Maddy Moloney

Associate Editor-In-Chief

As an essie a self acclaimed nail polish dork I was super excited when I saw the first part of Essie’s newest summer collection, Poppy-Razzi, brighten up walgreens shelf. But sadly when I stepped into walgreens I only had enough to buy the milk my mom sent me to the store for. However it won’t be long before I make my way back to purchase all four new colors!

Lights- “An electric neon pink”
Nothing is more fun than is Nikki Minaj type pink. The color was invented to rescue pink lovers from another boring mute pink.  With this neon bright pink  anyone who wears it will sure to be the life of the nail polish party!
Camera-”A bright Coral Pink Neon”
Probably my favorite color of the four, Camera creates versatile options by going with nearly everything. There are few colors that will make this polish look out of place. Not to mention the color will bright and fun yet sophisticated enough to wear  for any occasion.
Action- “A vibrant light orange neon”
For some reason this color reminds me of the  Laser Quest, chances are the color would glow just as bright in the maze as outside it. The color is screaming for attention and might be hard to wear for a long period of time.
Bazooka- “A bright orange neon”
The name doesn’t exactly fit in but the color sure does! Bright just the description describes Bazooka is sure to be a smash hit! (get it?)