The world according to Maggie: Khan Academy

By Maggie Devereux
Have you ever wanted to learn everything about anything? Probably not. But if you’re anything like me, you’ve wanted to learn everything you failed to learn in three weeks the night before a test. Or everything you failed to learn in four months the night before a final. Am I right?
Thankfully in my world– and luckily yours too– there’s a site for this type of thing; The wonderful Khan Academy. Here you’ll find over 3,100 videos on almost anything. From physics to basically every math topic to art history, there’s a video on every topic to any subject. And its all for free.
The Khan academy was created in 2008 by Salman Khan, but the first time I used Khan Academy was before winter finals this year; yet, I wish I had found it years ago. It takes a topic I completely forgot and breaks it down in about a ten minute video. Before my math final last week, I revisited Khan to refresh my knowledge of parametric equations. As you can guess, it was a blast.
But seriously, this website is worth the visit. As awesome as teachers here are– it is Prospect after all– sometimes it’s nice to be taught from another perspective. And this way you can pause and rewind whenever you need to slow down.
Like anything, it has its flaws too. (Except me. Remember this is MY world, after all) Salman talks in a bit of a monotone, so staying focused after two or three videos is a struggle. And if you can’t follow along with what he’s doing on the blackboard, there’s really no point in it.
Despite these flaws, Khan academy is quite the popular site. According to Business Insider, the site gets 3.5 unique visitors and 39 million pageviews per month. I’d cry if Prospectornow got less than one percent of that a month. Even a prospect teacher took inspiration from the Khan Academy to make videos for his own class.
I also would have cried if I failed my math finals, but I didn’t. And to be honest I know I got a couple of the questions right because of the refresher videos I found on the Khan Academy. And I apologize if this World According to Maggie was boring and educational, but hey sometimes you need a good life lesson and one day, I like to hope, you’ll thank me for this.
If you needed to study your basic trig, here’s Khan’s video for that topic. I’m just kidding, honestly who comes to ProspectorNow for math help? Here’s a video just to see what they look like. You’ll have to click on that first link to go the site with all 3,100 videos.