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Prom dress made from Starbursts!

Kiley Walsh
The Story: A northern Michigan teen put together one sweet prom dress, thanks to the help of classmates who collected thousands of Starburst wrappers for her.Diane McNease said that she came up with the idea of making her prom dress out of candy wrappers when she saw a friend folding some. She estimates it took about 18,000 Starburst wrappers to make the corset of her dress, as well as matching hair bands and a purse.
The top half of the dress is made out of folded wrappers and the bottom looks more like a traditional gown. It took about five months to make, with help from family and friends.
My Take: I have nothing against McNease’s creative thought of making a dress out of candy wrappers, but to wear that to a special event like prom seemed a little strange to me.
If people always complain about how annoying their dresses feel at prom, I couldn’t imagine how McNease would feel wearing a makeshift dress out of flimsy wrappers.
Sure, they came up with plenty of wrappers to create the dress, but then you have to ask yourself, how the heck did you come up with 18,000 perfect Starburst wrappers?

You can’t even picture 18,000 Starburst wrappers!
And how did McNease go about asking her classmates for these wrappers?
Maybe she popped into class and gave a friendly, “Hey guys! I need 18,000 perfectly full Starburst wrappers stat. You have five months, GO!”
And I could only imagine their reaction when she said she needed more for a matching headband and purse…
All I have to say is this dress seemed like a little too much work and dedication for one night at prom. And let’s hope her date liked the smell of candy.