End of the Year show

   By Sarah Gervais
   Staff Writer
   The end of the school year calls for a end of the year show. This past weekend, the boys and girls of mixed company and company performed at their best for the End of the Year Show.
   Company is made up of 40 girls in categories; ladies, altos (describes the lowest part commonly sung by women) , and 2nd sopranos(like an alto, but a little higher and stronger). At Hersey High School,  The best show choirs from the Midwest came together on Saturday, March 3rd, to compete in the Chicagoland Showcase.
This year was special because the Prospect girls took first place and one of their own, Mary Godby, won the Best Female Soloist.
At the End of the Year show, company performed all songs from sweet such as “Safe and Sound”, and funny songs such as, “Taylor, the Latte boy”.  Through the competition season, the girls had won it all with their company show: Home Is Where The Heart Is.The songs consisted of anything that had to do with being home. Not only can they sing,but the dancing was phenomenal.

Company director Stephen Colella mentioned,  “I was proud, I am proud, I am still proud,” before the girls performed their competition show.
Mixed company is made up of 21 girls and 21 boys. At the Chicagoland Showcase, this group came as the second runner-up.
Mixed company performs upbeat songs such as a Halo/Walking on Sunshine combo. In the competition season, mixed company came close to a win with their show: First Class. The songs had a theme of anything about flying. The dancing was also spectacular as the boys and girls were in pairs.
All in all, the show was a great way to end the year for the music department.
“The coolest thing about p-town is that it goes so deep into performing,” Colella said.