An awkward moment with Kelly

By Kelly Schoessling
Entertainment Editor
It’s official, all seniors have either chosen their colleges or chosen not to go. My older brother, Pauly, is no exception, though he waited until the last possible minute on April 29 to meet the May 1 deadline.Now at first his procrastination was extremely frustrating. After my family had a few mental breakdowns that consisted of crying softly in the fetal position, we learned to deal with it.So to help ease the tension, my family decided to gamble. Everyone placed bets on where they thought my brother was going to chose. So on April 29. when my brother sat down to tell my mom his decision, it was bigger for us than him.
Me, being the classy gal I am, decided to eavesdrop in on the conversation so I could change my bet at the last minute if needed.
I heard my mom say University of Kansas, which wasn’t the school on I was betting on. I was betting on his other choice, Bowling Green University in Ohio. So naturally I ran into my room, ripped up my old congratulations sign and made a different sign for Kansas.So when I handed my brother my super cool congratulations sign, I felt pretty confident in myself. He stared down at the sign for a good two minutes completely silent.
Now I know you’re expecting me to reveal that I picked the wrong school, and that is the awkward moment I’ve spent the past five paragraphs building up to. You’re half correct.
“Not only did you pick the wrong school,” he said. “you spelled Kansas wrong.”

I wish I could blame my spelling mistake on my rushed attempt to make the sign, but to be quite honest I just wasn’t aware that they’re are two S’s in Kansas.

To make the situation even more awkward for me, my brother also pointed out that I misspelled the word “yeah”…I didn’t think the E was needed. I spelled two out of the three words on the page wrong.

Didn’t see that awkward moment coming did ya?

Either way, my brother has promised that he is going to hang my sign that clearly states, “Yah Kanas Congrats!” in his Bowling Green dorm room next year.
So what’s the lesson learned from this awkward moment? Everyone has flaws, mine just happens to be that I have the spelling of a third grader.
For now, I’m just going to depend on my best friend spell chek. I mean check…