My new experience with… Dragon Fruit

Khrystyna Halatyma
Executive In-Depth Editor
What is Dragon Fruit? I see it as a flavor in my Vitamin Water and it’s a scent in my Febreeze, but I still didn’t know what it was.So I traveled to Marianos to find this exotic fruit. When I saw it on the shelf I wasn’t sure this was the right fruit, in fact I wasn’t even sure it was edible. I decided to trust my new gained knowledge from eHowand picked the brightest one of the bunch.The way to eat a Dragon Fruit is similar to eating a kiwi — cut it in half, grab a spoon and dig in.Looking on the inside of one half made me even more skeptical of eating it. To me the white inside filled with black seeds resembled sushi more than it did a tropical fruit.
Nevertheless, I threw caution to the wind. If it was so great in water and smelled amazing in Febreeze I decided the taste would be even better.
My first bite was…bland.
Surprised I took another bite….and another, and another. The taste never changed and left me astonished.
How companies could make this fruit taste and smell so good I don’t know. Although there are benefits to eating Dragon Fruit. According to, the fruits are, “highly concentrated with Vitamin C, minerals and boasts of high fiber content,”.
My final thoughts: maybe I didn’t pick a ripe enough fruit, because I still can’t believe it wasn’t amazing. If you want to try it for yourself just go to your local Marianos, each fruit is about $5.
Tell me if you have a different experience, but for now I think I’ll stick to my Vitamin Water Dragon Fruit instead of the real thing.