Top 10 senior pranks

By Chris Kivlahan
Opinion Editor
This is going to be hilarious either way, but it makes a lot more sense if you read my story on page 5 of this issue of the Prospector. That’s right, they actually published stuff I wrote (Their mistake, right?). Open your copy of the paper now and read it. It shouldn’t take too  long – you don’t need to read anything else in there (But don’t tell the real journalism people I said that). Also, the pandas aren’t here yet.

400 cubic feet of packing peanuts? $1635.43. Making a janitor suicidal? Priceless.


How many training montages did you think it took to pull this off? 4? I think it was 4.


They should have gotten the guys from video 8 in on this. That joke will make more sense when you see video 8. Also, the action in this video starts at 12:13.


“Now you know how I feel ALL THE F*****G TIME” Said the kid on acid. “NOW GET THESE SPIDERS OFF ME!”



They should have broken into the teachers’ houses, and very quietly put their beds up there.


All of these kids are now legally allowed to vote. Yay America!




The should have waited until some teachers were standing there to drop them.


I have nothing funny to say about this. I am captivated by the shiny balloons.