Senior ditch day concerns

By Jenny Johnson
Online Managing Editor

As summer break is just around the corner, administration sent home a letter to all seniors in concern of  “senior ditch day” approaching on May 29.
In this letter it states the importance of going to classes and the consequences that will be given if a student ditches.
According to Dean Patricia Tedaldi-Monti, this letter has been sent out to the senior class for about ten years.
“Seniors have never received the letter before so they think it is a brand new issue,” Tedaldi-Monti said.
Though Tedaldi-Monti recommends always going to class, she realizes students are going to take non-attendance days. If students do not want detentions, they must be called in.
“We just want parent to call us and say ‘my child is taking senior ditch day,’” Tedaldi-Monti said. “They do not have to come up with some story.”
As the school year comes to an end, Tedaldi-Monti stresses the importance of coming to school and getting all work done.
“Some seniors have had their [ditch day] already and need to realize that they should be in class,” Tedaldi-Monti said.