8:30 start begins next August

By Jenny Johnson
Online Managing Editor
As this school year comes to an end, something to look forward to when coming back is the fact that every Thursday will be a 8:30 start in replace of the 8:10 start.
With traveling students and teachers between Hersey and Buffalo Grove, administration needed to agree on the same type of schedule for Thursdays.
“It began to be a problem,” Principal Kurt Laakso. “Either Hersey had to get on our schedule or we would have to switch to theirs.”

With converting to Hersey’s Thursday schedule, teachers will get more time with their group of teachers to discuss lesson plans and assessment.
“The biggest challenge is the cutting back on class time,” Associate Principal Michelle Dowling said.
While teachers are more time to meet with other teachers about lesson plans, they also have 2 minutes less time than they are use to on 8:10 starts.
Another issue Dean Patricia Tedaldi-Monti brought up is that buses will still pick up students on the regular bus schedule, regardless to the 8:30 start.
“This concerns me,” Dean Patricia Tedaldi-Monti said. “What are kids going to be doing with the extra time they have?”
Some ideas that Tedaldi-Monti had were opening up the gyms are fitness room so students can work out before school. She feels other supervised areas would be of great help too.
“Students are going to have a little more free time in the morning,” Lakkso said. “I do not think it will be an issue have extra time because students already behave well in 8:10 starts.”