Seniors share college choice

By Khrystyna Halatyma
Executive In-Depth Editor
This issue seniors shared what the biggest factors went into their college choice.  For a continuation of the story and other stories, read Prospector issue 10.
1) Senior Jessica Giambarberee knew she wanted to stay close to the city for college, because of the activity level and benefits it provided. This why one of the biggest factors that went into Giambarberee’s choice to attend Elmhurst College was its location in the West suburbs of Chicago.
Yet before she actually visited the college, she had no desire to go to Elmhurst. The day she visited the campus she knew it was where her future was headed.
“I fell in love with the [nursing] program they offered,” Giambarberee said. “It seemed like it suited me best.”

With its close proximity to the city, Giambarberee can use the train for transportation and have better networking experiences. She is planning to go into nursing and with the amount of hospitals in the area the chances of her getting an internship or clinical study.
“I instantly just fell in love with the campus,” Giambarberee said. “I just love Chicago; it’s an amazing place to be.”
2) Senior Caleb Wachsmuth has loved football for his whole life. He started playing when he was in sixth grade and would have liked to start earlier, but his mom was concerned about the risks of the sport. Football has been a big part of Wachsmuth’s life, and it’s the reason he chose to go to Taylor University in Indiana.
“[Taylor] fits my personality,” Wachsmuth said.
The college has smaller classes which is better for Wachsmuth because he finds it easier to learn. Along with class size he also likes the spread out campus because he can always see people he knows.
Wachsmuth wasn’t 100 percent sure he wanted to go to play football in college at first. With his senior year ending and the season over, Wachsmuth decided he wanted to continue with his passion for the sport.
“I could’ve gone to a big ten school, but I wanted to play [football],” Wachsmuth said.