Angry Thoughts

I’m Chris, and I don’t care for most things. This may come off as pessimistic, but think about it for a moment. Between global warming, corrupt politicians and hangnails, there’s a lot in this world to hate. And I, in an unprecedented (well kind of precedented) show of bitter cynicism, am bringing this rage to the people.

*It’ll actually be as many as I feel like. Get over it.

I’M BACK! (Caps lock is cruise control for cool) A bunch of people thought I wasn’t going to do this again, on account of the chat I had with a certain well-principal’d administrator. I won’t say his name, but I’m laak-ing a good reason to keep his identity secret. Haha, very punny. Do you see what I did there? Anyhow, but I will never let the man keep me down.
Despite my best intentions, I did NOT receive any fan mail this summer. So work on that one for the coming year… I’d tell you where to send it, but anyone who doesn’t already know where I live isn’t a dedicated enough fan.
Aside from crying bitter tears at the lack of fan mail, I also spent some time this past summer doing my assigned reading. Complete with annotations. Now, before I start raging on all that, it bears mentioning that I do actually enjoy reading. I love to stay up late with a good book, and not just to make the fact that I never get invited to parties less depressing (hint hint).
That being said, I do take issue with the required annotations. I feel firmly that requiring people to study a particular way is a dumber idea than having a one-armed squirrel build you a moped out of twigs, matches, and homemade C4. It seems as though the entire goal of Lit classes at Prospect is to teach us what our teacher thinks is the best way to learn. However, since these are High School questions, it begs the question “When will we stop learning to learn, and start learning?”
I respect the fact that annotating does have a purpose. If you aren’t going to be able to understand your new helmet’s owner’s manual, you should jot down some notes in the margins. But for the most part, annotations are completely unnecessary for any intelligent (Or at least quasi-unstupid) individual.
Furthermore, requiring a set number of annotations or annotating at least once every few pages makes as little sense as the one-armed squirrel metaphor I made earlier in this article. So, in conclusion, annotating is bad, okayyyyy? Okayyyyyyy.
NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I’m going to do a new online feature this year where I randomly pick a person I do not know and conduct a 10 minute interview with them that I endeavor to make as uncomfortable as possible. I’ll film the whole thing, of course, and put it up right here on so that you, the people, can enjoy it as much as I will. It’s going to be called A Long 10 Minutes, and will be like an eagle made of bacon riding a jet ski made of diamonds. Except more awesome.