How to attend a political rally

By Anna Boratyn
Executive Opinion Editor|

I attended the first Democratic political rally of President Obama’s tour in Urbansdale, Iowa this weekend, Sept 1. This is how it’s done:

Note:  Attending political rallies takes time, money, a drivers license, and/ or a family willing to acquiesce to your political views.  I had the latter, plus a dad who won tickets at his union to get ridiculously good seats.
1. Get up at the unholy hour of two in the morning to travel to Urbandale,  Iowa– approximately 5.5 hours away from Arlington Heights. Pack caffeine.
2. Do some quality standing in a field in Urbandale.  People will attempt to sell you things, and you will meet all sorts of friendly midwestern Democrats. 
3.There will be masses of friendly midwestern Democrats.  Prepare to use your elbows to get to where you want to go.
4. First, people that you don’t really care too much about will opportunistically latch onto the time before Obama speaks.  Cheer for Iowa senator Tom Harkin, because you are a team player.

5. After a few hours of standing, get mild heat stroke and be forced by your caring parents to sit down.  Refuse medical attention.  Medical attention is for pushovers, and you are here to see the leader of the free world, goshdarnit.
6. Just when you start thinking that you might not be conscious when the leader of the free world arrives, he shows up, literally 10 feet away from you.  Slap cellphones out of your face, cheer like a maniac at the end of every sentence and take more pictures. 
7. Enjoy being in the presence of people with strong opinions and the desire to influence decisions being made in America.
I highly recommend attending a political rally to anyone with the slightest interest in politics– Republican or Democrat.  Despite sometimes being hazardous to health, politics are how some of most important decisions in the world are made.  You should have an opinion.