Wacky news

By Brian Park
Executive In-Depth Editor|
|The story: A new, energy efficient motorcycle has been created in Japan by TOTO, Japan’s leading toilet makers. Powered by animal excretions or waste water, (unfortunately not human poo) this environmentally friendly vehicle definitely meets the demand for less climate change. One of the most flamboyant features of the bike is the seat in the shape of a toilet to promote TOTO’s efforts to become more green.To read the complete story, click here!
My take: This seems like a good bike to put in a motorbike museum, not to be used in the public. I honestly think that almost no one, except for the crazy environmentalists, would be riding these bikes along Northwest Highway, or to Prospect for that matter, if it ever came to the U.S.
These bikes with toilet seats are just too embarrassing to ride on, and this is personally more worrisome than using some fossil fuel that will contribute to global warming.
If anyone decides to ride this toilet bike to Prospect, I would suggest bringing covers, so some students don’t pull a little prank or anything.
Also, there is a safety concern with riding these fancy bikes on the road. While everyone else is looking at your motorcycle, whether they would be admiring, staring, or gawking at it, they won’t be focused on driving and sooner or later crash into something not so soft.
Besides all the injuries and the property damage, it is sure to make headlines on any local newspaper or news station: “Toilet flushes out a 56 car pile-up.”
So my advice to TOTO, don’t put a toilet on motorcycles because the types of people who ride motorcycles are ones who ride for the thrill of speeding and wind rushing past their faces. Instead, I suggest you put your toilets somewhere else, like a bathroom.