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“Premium Rush” speeds through plot holes

By Kelly Schoessling
Entertainment Editor|

Wilee, (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) races past the infamous traffic of New York City, in a flash leaving nothing but the wind behind him. A silver Toyota speeds up after him in pursuit running through stop lights and ignoring pedestrians like they’re nothing.

Just when Wilee thinks he’s ahead, he comes to a heavy traffic intersection. His mind moves in slow motion as he visualizes his options. He turns right and imagines himself sliding past a taxi, but then he inevitably hits a woman with a baby stroller.

He turns left and imagines himself speeding in front of another car, but then he hits a pedestrian who then falls into the street only to get run over by a truck.

He finally looks forwards and sees a clear path that involves all skill and no injury. With a smile on his face he peddles forward.

This is one of the many chase scenes seen in the new action, thriller “Premium Rush”. The film centers around a company that involves bicyclist who serve as last minute bike messengers to get imperative documents to the right place at the right time.

Wilee is known as the best, and craziest rider for taking the brakes, and gears off his bike under the belief that the only thing that causes an accident is hesitation.

Things quickly go south for Wilee though when a package he’s meant to deliver catches the attention of a corrupt cop looking to steal the package to pay off an ugly debt.

Though the film did have some original scenes and funny dialogue, certain scenes within the movie made it seem extremely fake.

Throughout most of the film I was wondering how the main character hadn’t died from a lack of medical attention.

For example after a scene where Wilee breaks his ribs, he only shows extreme pain for a few moments but then suddenly can sit upright in a car and walk perfectly fine in the transition scene afterwards.

At certain points in the movie I felt like I was watching one of those terrible Driver’s-Ed accident videos where you don’t want to look,  but you look anyway.

That being said, I wouldn’t call the movie an overall thud. The performances from the actors were all great and the small hints of comedy in the film were clever and refreshing from the intense plot.

I also give props to this film for somehow making bike riding look cinematic and intense. It gives a new appreciation for those pesky bicyclist who race past peoples’ cars giving them heart attacks before they swerve out of the way just in time.

So next time you honk that horn at those gosh-darn daredevils, just remember that they may be having a more complex day than you think.

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