By Katie Best
Managing Editor|
Fall is on its’ way (although it doesn’t seem like it with this 90 degree weather), so in order for all you fashion hungry fiends to prepare, I am writing a post on what is in (and what is OUT) for fall fashion.
Fall is by far my favorite season, not only because my birthday is in October (the 19th, to be exact), but also because the colors are absolutely fantastic. Warm maroons, deep turquoises, and hunters greens.. oh my! It is also the most flexible season when it comes to fashion because most of the time (at least, until late fall) the weather is pretty mild. This means dresses are still accessible, skirts are wearable and short sleeves with a light jacket work.
Anyway, to get things moving, here are some of the INS and OUTS of fashion for Fall 2012:
1). Autumn colors.
Colors that I mentioned earlier (maroon, turquoise, etc.) are always “in” for fall style. This is mainly because these types of colors work with the changing of the leaves and weather. The “Red Wine” color is a big YES.
2). Layers.
This is probably my favorite trend this season for fall fashion mainly because it is so interchangeable. Personally, J Crew and its sister store, Madewell, are probably my favorite store to go to for layers. Basically layering is the usage of multiple clothing items to create a classy look. For example, my favorite layered look is a big, comfy, neutral colored sweater with a colored collared shirt (Like this).
3). Statement Collars.
4). Add Texture.
1). Neon Colors.
Just stop. You’re not a prostitot (baby prostitute). You’re not from the 80s’ (or a teen’s version of the 80s’). And it is no longer summer. So for Autumn’s sake, STOP.
2). Fur.
Especially faux fur. Personally, unless you’re living the Carrie Bradshaw life in the NYC, fur is a no.
3). Eyebrow Piercings.
What is even the point of them? They look stupid. Period.
4). Clothes that DON’T fit.
It don’t fit, don’t buy it and DEFINITELY don’t wear it. Clothes that hug your not-so-favorable parts don’t make you look skinnier, they make you look hella lot worse. Buy clothes that make your least favorite body parts look pretty and slim.