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Knights of Roundtables brainstorms for the new year

By Kelly Schoessling

Entertainment Editor| 

Locker 2260 seems to get the attention of the hundreds of students every day. No matter how late within the school year the locker seems to still catch students’ attention every time they walk past it.

The locker is decked out from top to bottom with magazine clippings and different images to come together into one collage of art. Though most students notice the locker, many do not even know its sole purpose. Locker 2260 is the Knights of Roundtable locker.

           Knights of Roundtables is a club at PHS that works all year to make a final creative stories and art magazine which they entitle, “Roundtable” and sell at the end of the year.  Together the students within the club talk through financial needs, creative ideas, and most importantly how to publicize the club.
“We’re a smaller club. People don’t know who we are or what we do.” Junior Jessica Haack said.
The members have discussed talking to the creative writing classes here at PHS, getting more commercials on the morning announcements, and even making posters to hang up around the halls.
The club is not only looking for more club members, but also more submissions from the student body at PHS. Locker 2260 isn’t placed in the halls just to look good, its sole purpose is to serve as a drop-box for students to slip in their creative writing submissions for the club to look at then include into the final product of the published magazine.
The older magazines used to have a central theme, but for the past few years it was decided that a theme was not going to be created.  The last published magazine with a theme was “Mindless Babbling” from 3 years ago.
Another important issue the club is facing is selling enough magazines at the end of the year. Measures have already been discussed on how to improve the sales though.
“We need to just expand where we sell them,” Senior Ryan Kemper said.
This year the club may try selling some magazines to the art classes, and even look into putting them up in the public library if it’s possible.
Advisor Michael Andrew of the club encourages the students to do whatever they think will improve the club.
“I’m simply your liaison between things like DPS (the printing company used), but I’m not here to make the magazine. I’m here to help you do it.”
The club does not yet have an official release date for the magazine, but they are planning on adding a cool new product to magazine.
In addition to manufacturing “Roundtable”, the members are discussing creating a CD featuring bands that students at PHS are involved in.
With these fresh new ideas and determined approaches the new issue of “Roundtable” looks extremely promising.
“I just think it’s fun as someone who loves writing. The writing I encounter is mostly academic, not that that’s a bad thing. This lets me see a different side, and I’m always blown away. “Andrew said.

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