Wacky news

By Danielle Church
News Editor
The story: A woman in Georgia is being sued because her four year old daughter’s playhouse is too pink. The homeowners association of her Mill Haven neighborhood are the ones that are filing the lawsuit. They said they don’t have a problem with the playhouse itself, but the color has to go. The association is tired of having neighbors complain about the pink covering. They claim that the mother of the four year old did not get the color approved by the association’s board before she painted the playhouse. To read the full story click here!
My take: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Do people seriously complain about everything? That is absolutely ridiculous. It is a little girl’s playhouse for goodness sakes! Leave her alone and let her enjoy her childhood. I could understand if maybe the playhouse was being built on part of a neighbor’s property but this is different. They are complaining about a color.

If the neighbors/association really do not like the fact that the little girl’s playhouse is pink, the answer to their problems is quite simple. STOP LOOKING AT IT THEN. People think nowadays everything can be fixed with a lawsuit. No… they can’t.

The Georgia woman’s situation would be just like one student at Prospect having a problem with the color of another student’s backpack, so they go complain to Mr. Laakso. There are a lot more important things going on in the world and frankly with this kind of bull, we are not any closer to world peace.