“Trouble With the Curve” hits a homerun

By Danielle Church
News Editor |
A baseball scout has a very important job to do. They search for the future of baseball through young athletes by choosing which players will be selected for the Major League draft. So, scouts are on the lookout for the most qualified athletes.
No scout knows how to do their job better than Gus Lobel (Clint Eastwood) in the new movie, “Trouble With the Curve” that hit theaters Sept. 21.

Lobel loves baseball and as a result, loves his job. However, Lobel is up there in his age and has to visit a specialist for his eyes, although he refuses to do so. It prevents him from doing his job correctly, or so at least that’s what everyone else thinks.

Mickey (Amy Adams), Lobel’s daughter and baseball expert, thanks to her father, decides she will go to North Carolina to help her father scout a new player, Bo Gentry, for the Atlanta Braves. She does so in order to keep her father from losing his job.

Throughout the movie, audiences will see how the movie’s title doesn’t just deal with the curveball in baseball, but also with the screwed up relationship between Mickey and her father.

Audiences get to see how having a baseball scout as a dad is not the easiest thing in the world, especially Gus Lobel.

Although “Trouble With the Curve” mainly deals with baseball, it wasn’t just another sports movie. It was also a drama, comedy and romance all in one.

Yeah that’s right, there is some romance in it too. Justin Timberlake plays Johnny Flannigan, an ex baseball player that Lobel scouted years ago. Flannigan takes an interest in Mickey and it is such a good addition to the movie…especially because Timberlake takes his shirt off.

The cast directors did an excellent job in choosing who would be in the movie. Timberlake of course was probably the best choice. However, Eastwood definitely wins second place.
He is such a funny guy and the fact that he is old and makes fun of everything that isn’t done the old fashioned way, makes him even more hilarious. As it is, Eastwood starts off the movie by tripping over a table. He then gets so mad at it that he starts cursing and ends up breaking it.
Some people might think he has anger management, which he slightly does. It’s mostly that he just doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap though.

The only thing I didn’t like about the movie was that Lobel’s wife died when Mickey was only six. I get that it was essential to the plot of the movie, but I swear I think every movie kills off a parent.

It is getting really annoying. Not that many parents die! There are probably 4 movies out of every five that kill off one or more parents. I really don’t understand why script writers feel the need to do that almost all of the time.

In fact, next time you go see a movie I guarantee one of the parents will be dead.