Homecoming King and Queen nominated: Shola George and Maggie Murphy

By Brian Park
Executive In-Depth Editor|
The coronation ceremony of Knighttimes 2012 with the theme of New York, New York, took place in the Prospect fieldhouse on the Monday of this homecoming week, Oct. 1- Oct.5.

After the traditions of the ceremony including introductions, the performances by mixed company, the honor guard, and the interviews of the homecoming nominees based on David Letterman’s late night show, the announcement students and staff were waiting for was finally released. Shola George was voted as homecoming king and Maggie Murphy was voted as homecoming queen.

“I’m shocked right now, so happy,” George said right after the coronation ceremony. “People told me I was going to win, but I’m still surprised.”

“[I feel] overwhelmed, really excited, surprised,” Murphy said.
Murphy was first nominated for homecoming queen because of her participation in Service Club. David Jacobson nominated Murphy, but George does not know the exact teacher who nominated him.
George even had friends who had made a shirt for him with George’s name that said, “vote for Shola!” to promote George as homecoming king, and Murphy said she did not promote herself, but thinks people voted for her because she is outgoing and friendly.
“I think people nominated me because I knew some of them and some of them just knew me,” George said. “[The shirt] was funny; I liked it.”
George is thankful for his friends and everybody who supported him, and Murphy is thankful for her supportive friends to being selected as homecoming queen. Now both of them plan to attend the homecoming dance this Saturday.
“We can become friends, we can get to know each other,” Murphy said. “Maybe we’ll dance together.”