The perfect pitch

By Katie Best
Managing Editor|
When I first saw the previews for “Pitch Perfect,” my initial thought was “oh great, another Glee movie.” But boy, was I wrong.
“Pitch Perfect” centers around incoming college freshman Beca (Anna Kendrick), who is nearly forced into joining her school’s all girl A Capella group, The Bellas. When I say “forced” into joining, I’m not kidding. When one of theThe Bellas’ leaders, Chloe (Brittany Snow), hears her singing in the shower, she corners Beca— stark naked— until she agrees to join.
The Bellas’ biggest goal is to win one of the school’s A Capella competitions, going head to head with their all male rivals— and returning champs— the Treble Makers (punny, right?). The only problem is that The Bellas have a reputation of being, well, sucky. Until Beca and the rest of the newcomers, including “Bridesmaid’s” Rebel Wilson who plays Fat Amy, join The Bellas.
Wilson is hilarious in the part of Fat Amy, adding comic relief whenever needed throughout the plot. This includes a scene with “Workaholic’s” Adam Levine, who plays the leader of the Treble Makers.
Surprisingly, Kendrick also does a good job playing the rebellious college student, a complete foil to her “Up in the Air” character. She also sings. This actually surprised me the most, mainly because she, along with the rest of The Bellas, not only sang live (most of the time) but they actually sounded good!
I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but “Pitch Perfect” is definitely a movie worth seeing. Just get ready to be “pitch” slapped.