“Die Young” catches glimpse of Ke$ha’s “Warrior”

By Danielle Church
News Editor
In 2009, pop singer Ke$ha released her first ever single. Since then she has become an extremely successful musician and is already working on her third album, “Warrior.”

Although “Warrior” is expected to release Dec. 4, Ke$ha just released her single “Die Young.”

 This allows fans to get a preview of what they can expect to see on the new album.

“Die Young” is a good song for only one reason: you can dance to it since it has a good beat. However everything else about the song sucks, especially the lyrics. Ke$ha barely says anything else in the song. She constantly repeats the line, “Let’s make the most of the night like we’re going to die young/we’re going to die young/we’re going to die young.”

The song is going to just be another one of those overplayed hits on the radio that people find extremely annoying. It’s definitely only a song you can listen to once in awhile. I listened to “Die Young” while I was writing this and I already have a headache. It’s not just from my dad hammering the trim onto the wall.

Not to mention, Ke$ha’s voice is not very good. It sounds like a kid who doesn’t stop whining.

I think if anyone was given a microphone and told to sing “Die Young,” they could easily sing it better than Ke$ha.

As a result, I don’t expect to see “Warrior” do very well. If it’s anything like some of the songs Ke$ha had on her last albums “Animal” and “Cannibal,” listeners are going to wish they had never bought the music.

So, my best advice to listeners would be to spare yourselves the headache and don’t do yourselves any favors by pre-ordering the album.