By Katie Best
Managing Editor
Giraffes. Gnomes. Neon. Budweiser. Flamingos. Hearts. Stripes.
What do all of these things (and many more) have in common?
They all are part of my obsession: HIGH SOCKS.
I have always loved socks. I know they are a weird thing to have an obsession with, but how can you not? They keep your feet warm, come in fun patterns, go up to your knees! How can you not like socks?
High socks became even more of an obsession for me when they started showing up on fashion models…. and having their own stores (I’m not kidding, San Francisco’s Haight/Ashbury district has a store entirely filled with socks and Sock It To Me is the best brand there). They have the ability to make a statement yet aren’t overly obnoxious.
Basically, this entire blog post is about how fricking cool high socks are!
To make my point, here are some of my favorite high socks.
Purple Dinosaur socks
More Dinosaur socks.
Rainbow Piano Keys socks.
Gingerbread Men socks.
ERMEGAD Flying Eyeballs socks.
ZOMBIES socks.
Giraffes socks (which I have and loveeeee.)
Okay, well I hope this post was relatively informative. I also hope you found some cute socks.
Peace out, girl scouts.