Prospect Students get selected for IMEA

By Miranda Holloway
The Illinois Music Educator’s Association, or IMEA, competition for choir singers has selected 14 Prospect students to be members of the district 7 choir.

Auditions were held Oct. 4 at Libertyville High School. Seniors Meggie Kania, Olivia Churchill, Caitlin Claytor, Emilee McArdle, Madalyn Bryant, Brent Groharing, Seth Groharing and Sean Brennan and juniors Mary Godby, Sammi Ondrla, Brenden Chapman, Alex Yoo and Josh Arshonsky will all be participating at the District 7 choir concert later in Nov.

Trying out for the choir is a requirement for the Magricals and a few students from the Honors Choir were selected to try out.

The singers sang sections from two songs that they were given to practice beforehand, a selection or harmonic, major/minor or melodic scales, triads, and sight read a new piece.

    The judges are made up of choir teachers from the area and there are separate judges for  every part. Places in the choir are given in parts for soprano I, soprano II, alto I, alto II, tenor I, tenor II, bass I and bass II.

Senior Brent Groharing, singing tenor II, was a member of the choir last year and said that they judges are relatively kind.

“The make you feel OK but they’re not allowed to comment on anything so once you’re done no matter what you do they just say ‘thank you,’” Groharing said.

    The process is work intensive, but the work is worth the experience it.

“The last few years I’ve gotten much more confident when I do sing in front of people because you go and sing in those auditions you learn how to sing and even just look in your audition.”

This confidence is just as important in the audition as the actual singing is,

     “Just looking confident gives you a better standing than someone who just goes in and sings it better than you but is not confident,” Groharing said.
Since this was Groharing’s second time at the competition, his confidence was up and he was ready to go.

“I was able to go in there and I knew what was happening and it was almost second nature by that time.”