Starting of Zoo club

By Anna Trybula

 Staff writer|

Our world is an animal planet, where there is plenty to explore, but so little time. Not having all the time to put Prospects fantastic resources to good use, science teachers Alyssa Genitoni and Nick Delboccio have opened students eyes to something new. Zoology club is born to take biology one step further.

Zoo clubs first official meeting will be held on Oct. 22, after school in Room 330.

The club is hoping to take field trips to Brookfield Zoo during the weekends, observe the genetic makeup of animals and simply watch fun movies.

This is only the beginning to Zoo clubs fun.

The meeting will also be implementing ideas such as: Having pet washes, dog walkathons, Zoobeez silicon bracelets, behind the scene keeper chats and more! The main objective is to inspire peoples’ passion of animals and make a difference.

“We want to make it your club, whatever you guys want it to be,” said Genitoni.  For all students interested, the club will grow to be their own.