Too much 'Paranormal Activity'

By Danielle Church
News Editor|
For the past couple of weeks, previews of the new scary movie “Paranormal Activity 4” have aired on T.V. Whenever I saw those previews, I’ll admit I got a little freaked out. However, I didn’t worry about it too much because I knew I would never actually go see something as messed up as “Paranormal Activity 4.”

However, on Friday “Paranormal Activity 4” premiered in theaters, and my friends dragged me to go see it. My heart sank once the lights dimmed in the theater.

Lets be serious. It’s about time they stop making “Paranormal Activity” movies. After the first one, it just seemed repetitive..and I have only seen the fourth one. It starts off as a happy family living out their lives and then one person in the family notices something strange going on in the house. Then everyone dies.

I’ll admit that the movie did get scary at some parts, but the rest of the time it was just plain boring because everything that happened was expected. Honestly, the guy who ran out of his seat to start puking in the garbage can right in front of the screen was more entertaining than the movie.

So, for anyone who has seen any of the first three movies, congrats because you have basically already seen the fourth one too!
Oh and if for some reason you do choose to see “Paranormal Activity 4,” make sure to close your eyes at the end.