Fall choral concert includes middle schools

By Gracie McKay

Staff Writer|

Bursting into song, freshman Grace Gadow sang her solo piece in the song “Al Shlosha D’Varim” at the Fall Choral Concert at Prospect High School on Oct.24.

However, Gadow wasn’t the only one singing her heart out at the Fall Choral Concert.  Prospect Choir groups Xentricity & One Stop, Varsity Choir, Madrigal Singers, Treble Freshman Choir, Mixed Company, Honors Treble Choir, and Chamber Choir performed a total of seventeen songs.
In addition to the 136 kids enrolled in Prospect’s choir program, Prospect sang with Lincoln, South, and Friendship middle school choirs.  

The middle school choir groups are made up of sixth, seventh and eighth graders.  The songs are picked out by music teacher Jennifer Troiano.

Troiano also decides which students in her choir groups get solos for the concert.  To start off the process, a choir student expresses an interest in the solo part, and then the students who want to have a solo piece audition individually.  Then, Troiano awards the student with the best solo audition the part.

Adding to the auditions for the solo of the concert, Gadow said that to get into the general choir program, students also have to audition.

“It’s mostly auditions,” Gadow said.   “So, the top people go into the top groups.”

As soon as students were accepted into the choir program, they began rehearsing for the Fall Choral Concert.

Senior Lauren Kinser, who is in Chamber Choir, said her choir group was preparing for the concert for about eight weeks, but all that hard work is still enjoyable.

“It’s fun being around your friends because you all love music,” Kinser said.

Senior Jenny Geraghty, who is in Honors Treble Choir, agreed with Kinser.

“We are all in different choirs, so that’s fun, too,” Geraghty said.

 According to senior Meggie Kania, other groups, such as Mixed Company, songs are changed up with harmonies and are arranged by some of the singers themselves.  However, the Mixed Company group only showed a piece of their whole show, which will be finished by December.  It is evident that even through a spectator’s eyes, every individual in the choir programs has gotten better and better with the help of the choir teachers.

Choir teacher at South Middle School Dr. Marc Smith said his choir group, along with the other middle schools who participated, was invited to sing at the Fall Choral Concert by Troiano.  Smith enjoys the job as a choir teacher because he gets to see the kids mature through the years.

“Music is a wonderful part of our life,” Smith said.  “ We need to cherish it and be involved with it.”