By Katie Best
Managing Editor|
Since I have previously written a Fall Fashion Guide, I am now writing about my current fall obsessions. This specific obsession being Lululemon Athletica. Lululemon is an athletic clothing store with quite possibly the most comfortable leggings and yoga pants that have ever graced my body. While Lululemon was originally made for just yoga and running, it has adapted to more regular comfy clothing for both men and women.

Lululemon is definitely more expensive than your regular athletic store, the clothing is well worth it. Their yoga pants and leggings are both extremely soft, and extremely stretchy, so they fit the curves of your body while still looking flattering.

Additionally, their running tank tops are both adorable and allow your body to breathe when working out. Most of their tank tops are both sweat absorbant or sweat resistant, thus adding to the comfort you have while working out.
Here are some of my personal favorite items at Lululemon:
The Groove Pant: This is one of Lululemon’s comfiest (and most expensive) yoga pant.
Wunder Under Crop: Lululemon’s famous running tights/ leggings.
Scuba Hoodie: Lululemon is known not only for their yogas, but also for their ridiculously warm hoodies and running sweatshirts. This is the most generic one out of the lot, but it is also one of the softest.
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