Touchdown for Young Life

By Abby Sunu

Staff Writer|

The two rival schools, Hersey High School and Prospect High School, had students meet on  Oct. 24 at circle drive, ready to play some football for a school club called Young Life.

Rather than the schools competing against each other, the girls from Hersey teamed up with girls from Prospect to verse the boys from both schools. This game required the players, despite their school rivalry, to work together on the field.

“Everyone [in Young Life] becomes a huge family,” senior Jake Hoelter said. “You get that connection the first time you meet people from Young Life.”
Hoelter and other students in Young Life all agree they put aside the school differences because everyone becomes close like “brother and sister.”
Young Life is a student-lead Christian club that gives students the chance to learn about God in a fun, laid-back environment. Every other Wednesday at 7:29, Young Life is held at Prospect High School and is open to all students from both Hersey and Prospect. Each time Young Life clubs brings something different, such as dodgeball club, black-light club, 80’s club and more.

“My favorite thing about Young Life is seeing 30 to 40 kids each week having a lot of fun and making some positive relationships in a really good environment.” said Mark Taylor, administrative sponsor for Young Life at Prospect.

During Oct. 24 football club, 40 high school students, hyped up with energy, headed out towards circle drive to start the game. This game was not  just your average boys versus girls game, the boys had to play on their knees the whole time. The students love to play this way because it’s not like your average football game.

“The energy was incredible,” Young Life director Mike Hatch said. “It was crazy seeing the tackling as they [students] tried to score touchdowns.”

Although most of the students would agree that girls would have definately beat the boys, the game ended in a tie and along with a couple bruises and “battle wounds” from the intensity brought in the game.

Chase Bandolik, a sophomore from Hersey High School, is used to playing varsity football on Friday nights in the stadium, but Wednesday night Young Life football was completely different for him.

“Not only do I love playing football,” said Chase Bandolik. “but, I also get to play with new people who I wouldn’t normally have the chance to meet”.

After the game was over, the students who walked in as strangers came to know each other just through a game of football.

“i love everything in Young Life, from the activities to the relationships,” Said Hoelter.“Young Life is always the best part of my week.”