'Flight' takes off

By Maddy Moloney
Associate Editor-In-Chief|
A naked women. Full frontal (and full back) nudity. This is the first thing that will grace your eyes when watching “Flight.”  At this point you are checking your ticket to make sure you are in the right theater because the sappy trailer for Flight made the movie seem more like a good-hearted, wholesome, something-you-could-watch-with-your-parents type of film rather than a porno.
However as the opening scene of the movie unfolds you realize the scene is less about the naked women and instead about Whip Whittaker (Denzel Washington) finishing his last sip of Heineken and snorting a line of coke at 7 in the morning before his flight from Florida to Georgia. Did I mention he’s the pilot?
Coincidentally enough, Whip’s plane crashes, not because of his morning activities but the plane falls apart in air. However, Whip, despite being drunk and high, lands the plane flawlessly with only 6 deaths.
The crash launches a full on investigation on the plane, airline and Whip. Upon discovering the coke and alcohol levels in his blood Whip faces life in prison.
With an all star cast of old favorites Denzel Washington (“Remember the Titans” Coach Herman Boone), John Goodman (“Roseanne” Dan Canner), Don Cheadle (“Hotel Rowanda” Paul Rusesabagina) and newcomer Kelly Reilly (“Sherlock Homes” Mary Watson), “Flight” has heart wrenching performances.
Denzel Washington’s oscar worthy performance was one to remember as he frustrated and disappointed the audience, regaining our faith only moments later.
Much like the audience’s feeling toward Whip, the plot changed direction enough to keeping the audience guessing and switching between sympathy and disgust at the regression Whip makes every chance gets to free himself.
Contrary to what the trailer wants to believe, “Flight” is about much more than a plane crash, but rather the crash of denial and faith.
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