New kind of fans

By Aungelina Dahm
Executive In-Depth Editor|
Starting on Friday, Oct. 26 at the first football playoff game against Glenbrook North, two shirtless guys strolled into the Prospect student section. The cold didn’t seem to bother them at all.
Seniors Mike David and Mike Solan both go to Maine West High School and have been friends with senior and varsity football player Steven Isteefanos since elementary school. One day, they decided to come and support his friend at his game.
“We were just sitting in class and [David] turned to me and he’s like ‘Hey, I got a crazy idea. Let’s go to the playoff game tonight and paint our chests.” Solan said.
Many of the Prospect students had their eyes drawn to the two guys and decided to incorporate them into the fun of the student section.
“At first we just thought it would just be us two just watching the game but then the crowd was really welcoming so we felt like a big part of it.” David said.
Despite the even more blistering colds at the next game on Friday, Nov. 2, they returned to support not only Isteefanos, but the entire team, at their second playoff game this season.
“Everyone said we should come back next week so we thought, why not?” Solan said. “It’s fun, there’s just a ton of spirit out here.”
Prospect has obviously stepped up their game with the spirit. Even though the second playoff game turned into their last, the stands never gave up hope throughout the entire night.
Never once were any of the people from different schools segregated out of the stands. The students and parents were all very welcoming to anyone who wanted to join in on the fun.
“The way the parents and the crowd welcomed us motivated us to stay out here in the cold.” David said. “They keep asking us if we were cold or not but they’re the reason why we lie and say no.”
Even though this football season has come to an end, the memories of all those Friday nights the students spent watching the team will stay with the school forever.  Maybe those memories will stay with students from different schools as well.
“The whole presentation and the setup was great,” David said. “Obviously the season was great for the team, good job for them. I’m proud of them and especially of my friend.”