Wacky News

By Danielle Church
News Editor|
The Story: Facebook is a social media site that is constantly changing. It is a way people can communicate with one another from all over the world. One of the ways they communicate with one another is by “liking” things on Facebook. People can “like” each others statuses, photos, etc. However, now scientists have come up with a way for people to actually feel a “like” from the site. They have created a vest that you can wear and then when you receive a “like” on Facebook, you will be squeezed (or hugged) by the vest.
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My Take: This is unbelievable! It is truly amazing how technology keeps changing day by day. Not to mention, this new vest really shows how much Facebook and other social media networks are influencing our lives.
Although the vest does seem pretty cool, I do not really see many people buying it. How weird would it be to have that vest on and just be sitting in your desk at school trying to listen to a teacher lecture, and then start getting squeezed by your clothing? That would get pretty strange and eventually annoying.
There are tons of people on Facebook, no matter what time of day. If you’re one of those kids who gets a lot of “likes,” you’d be vibrating all the time. In fact…don’t be surprised if you eventually start getting some strange looks in class from other students.