Annual adopt-a-child begins

By Maddy Moloney

Associate Editor-in-Chief|

This Tuesday marks the 15th year tradition of Adopt-a-child. During 3rd hour on Nov. 27 representatives from participating classes, activities, teams should report down to the college and career center to pick out their child(ren). There are over 68 children to choose from coming 28 families living in surrounding communities.

Those who adopt a child are responsible for collecting money toward buying and wrapping the child holiday gifts.

“We like to sort of do a two step process,”  Service Learning Coordinator Dave Jacobson said. “You know we certainly want to get them some toys, books or fun types of things but also maybe some winter clothing, if you get enough money, a jacket, a hat, gloves, a scarf or boots. Those types of things will get them through the winter.”

The event ends Monday Dec. 10 when all packages must be turned in.