Tech crew prepares for winter play

By Chris Kivlahan
Opinion Editor|
Senior Tony Alberico has been on Prospect’s tech crew all four years. For him, the hardest set they had to build was his freshman year, when the theater department took on “Shakespeare Abridged”. In comparison, Alberico thinks things have been a lot easier this year.
Tech advisor Matt Erbach says that the relative simplicity of this year’s set design results from director John Myers winter play concept of a minimalistic Alice in Wonderland, as opposed to one focused around the scenery.
Alberico thinks that the set design and construction process is going “Swimmingly”, and Erbach confirms that the crew is right on schedule. Thus far, all the major set pieces have been constructed, there is just some detail work to be done.
“Everything’s built, it’s just a matter of making it ready”, Erbach said.
This year’s crew is larger than usual and “wonderful” to work with, according to Erbach, who is in his 8th year of being tech supervisor. The hardest set Erbach has had to construct recently has been for “Into the Woods”, Prospect’s spring musical in 2011.
Though every set construction has it’s obstacles, Erbach and Alberico agree that things are going smoothly, and that Wonderland will be ready for opening night.