Gift Guide

By Maddy Moloney
Associate Editor-In-Chief|
*Editor’s note: This was mentioned   from Nov. 30′s print edition of the Prospector.
Tis the season to be jolly! But it can be so hard when your racked down with nerves and anxiety over getting your boyfriend/girlfriend a decent holiday gift. In print I gave suggestions as what to buy for your “lover”, however I now I want to get to the bigger point, cough cough cliche.
It’s the thought that counts. Stay with me here and don’t open up a new tab for twitter (unless you’re going to go and follow prospectornow, then by all means go). I know it sounds corny and your mom probably already drilled it in your head every time you got bath and body works for your birthday.

But the thought part really does apply here. For instance last year my lovely boyfriend got me a backpack for my birthday.A backpack. We had been dating nine months.  Now I’ll admit it. I am material girl, I like shiny things, like earrings.

And he got me a backpack. However it may not have been what I wanted, it was a really nice nike backpack and he bought it to replace my old ripped up tiny Buzz Lightyear backpack. See no shiny earrings can compete with that kind of thought, I would pick the backpack over the earrings anyday of the week.

Now I’m not saying putting a little bit of thought into a gift will save it from being bad. For instance if you get your boyfriend a zebra print snuggie just because you know he hates being cold does not change from the fact that you got him a zebra print snuggie. In that case just make him a tie blanket.

My advice is to just be smart about the gift you give, if you wouldn’t want it why would they? And Sincerely try to give them something they need or want. As funny as giving your girlfriend a Justin Bieber doll sounds it won’t be nearly as funny five minutes later, when she realizes you weren’t kidding.