'Real World Skills for a Real Tough World'

Khrystyna Halatyma
Executive In-Depth Editor|
Jimmy Johns representatives were in Prospect this past Thursday, Nov. 29th, for what some would think of an unusual reason for a sandwich company to be at a high school.
Sandwiches were involved, but the main reason the four representatives came to visit was for, “Real World Skills for a Real Tough World”.
“Our goal is to really set students up for success,” Program director for Real World Skills Karolyn Stollersaid. “It’s a real tough job market out there. One of Jimmys most passionate things is watching young people succeed — not only within our company, but outside of our company.”This program was started by Jimmy John Liautaud(referred to as just Jimmy) four years ago, and has reached 15,000 students this year and a total of 100,000 students across the country since its beginning. Consisting of seven teams across the country, one of the main points of this program is to introduce students to the world of business.
“I think it’s really a win-win,” Stroller said. “The students can get some real knowledge from people in the industry what to expect in an interview and we get to share our story.”
In the one day event the program reached 550 students, one of those students was senior Will Slusher.
“I liked it, it was pretty cool,” Slusher said. “[It will help me] to get ready for the future and to see how I do in an interview.”
The presentation includes several key points; the history of Jimmy Johns, how to fill out a job application, how to go through and prepare for an interview and, most importantly, that hard work pays off.
Stroller would know, she started off as a part-time in-shopper making sandwiches to help pay for college. Now she has a full time job at Jimmy Johns and has worked with them for 12 years. She says it was neat to watch the company grow from 83 to present-day 1,550 stores nationwide.
“The company wants to be the best, not the biggest,” Stoller said. “We want to help the students be the best and that’s kind of the underlying culture of our whole company — be the best, whatever you do just be the best at it.”