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Happy Thoughts

By Miranda Holloway

It’s the best time of year!

Yes, I know it’s a cliche, but it’s only a cliche because it’s true.

December is my second favorite month (October wins simply because that’s my birthday month).

The holiday spirit, the early winter snows, the sales and the excess of baked goods all make December a fun filled time. But my personal favorite of this time of year is the decorations, more specifically the lights, that adorn the town.

In an effort to keep this PC, let’s call them winter lights.

For the rest of America the day after Thanksgiving marks the day to stand outside in the cold for hours on end to wait for the amazing deals inside and to mark the beginning of their season.

Since I value sleep more than most else in the world, I do not partake in this tradition. This day instead marks the day when I keep a keen eye out for houses glowing with lights. It’s indescribably embarrassing how excited I get when I see my first decked out house of the season.

Allow me to provide this year’s example, which took place the Saturday after thanksgiving on my way to work.

Typically my shifts for work start at six, when it’s already nice and dark outside. I usually drive there in a huff because I feel like I’m going to work when I should be going to bed. This was especially true after the gorging I had done two days earlier.

However, as I turned on to Kensington, I saw the unmistakable glow of covered bulbs on a hedge.

I squealed, started clapping (without hands on the wheel going about 30 miles and hour), and blasted 93.9. Thank goodness no one else was on the road because I may or may not have ended up in the middle of it.

Winter lights are much more than just signaling of the beginning of the season.

In a season that begins to bring in that classic Chicago cold, the lights seem to warm everyone up. Light ups homes shut out the cold and seems so welcome in comparison to the sub freezing temperatures.

But then you get the people that go all out, and that kind of dedication to decoration is fascinating to me.

If you’re ever really bored, drive around your neighborhood and check out everyone’s decorations. If you do maybe you’ll warm up a bit, and perhaps be a little impressed.

Check these guys out!

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