HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

By Anna Boratyn
Executive Opinion Editor|
For the international event known as HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) hung posters reminding students to wear red, and handed out red ribbons.”The name says it: ‘awareness,'” said GSA President senior Meredith Kee. ” We want to remind people that there is a problem.  It’s really important to fight back because it’s a disease that’s killing thousands of people.”According to  GSA member sophomore Michael Mariani, who wore a red shirt for the occasion, awareness can help fight the disease itself.
“It’s important for people to know about it, see the different ways we can prevent it,” Mariani said.
HIV/AIDS Awareness Day was also held last year– the first year the GSA was really active at Prospect, according to Kee.The GSA also hosts the Day of Silence, held on April 20 this year, in which some students chose to be silent for the whole day, representing the silence of, and raising awareness for, bullied LGBT individuals.Though Kee acknowledges that HIV/AIDS is a disease that encompasses all genders, ages, and nationalities, she sees the GSA as a natural fit to promote the day.
“We (host) it because  it has to do with sexuality and falls in our realm,” Kee said.
According to sophomore and GSA member Suze Melone, “We already acknowledge the LGBT community, so we’re also not afraid to (bring attention) to issues other people are afraid to talk about.”