Candy Grams raise money for Prom

By Anna Boratyn
Executive Opinion Editor|
In the past, Junior Class Board’s prom fundraisers have included selling cheesecakes and Gino’s East pizza.  As sales have died down from both fundraisers over the years,  Junior Class Board needed a new fundraiser to fund prom.
After watching the movie “Mean Girls” over the weekend,  Junior Class Board President junior Brenna Milligan came up with the idea to sell Candy Grams.
A Candy Gram is a handwritten, friendly note with a candy cane attached, sent to a friend.  “Candy Grams”  feature prominently in the storyline of “Mean Girls.” A clip from the 2004 movie was even included in the Candy Grams commercial on morning announcements.
Students buy a $1 ticket to send a friend a Candy Gram.  Candy Grams are then delivered to classes during Winter Week, during 2nd period of Dec. 17.
“The main point of it is so people can show their friends that the appreciate them during the holiday season,” said Milligan, who has sent 12 Candy Grams.
Sales were originally intended to run from Dec. 3 to 5.  According to Junior Class Board Officer Heidi Eurich, the fundraiser has been strategically placed allow students to receive their Candy Grams by Christmastime.
Class Board Advisor Amy Collins plans to bring the sale back next week. According to Milligan, the first day of sales was really slow, with a total of five Candy Grams sold.  Now, Junior Class Board’s sales reach into the hundreds.
Milligan believes that as more people get used to the idea and start to understand what Candy Grams are, sales will become more regular.
To supplement the money earned from the Candy Grams fundraiser, Junior Class Board is also running a Lou Malnati’s pizza fundraiser until Dec. 20.