Students attend IMEA conference

Anna Boratyn
Executive Opinion Editor|
When Senior Caitlyn Claytorfound out that she had made it to state for Honors Choir, “It was a complete surprise.  I was not expecting it, but I was hoping that I would.”
Claytor hadn’t liked her audition, didn’t think that she was going to make it.  After going to state for Honors Choir last year and attending to IMEA (Illinois Music Educators Association) conference, she felt pressure to achieve at the same level.
The IMEA conference is on Jan. 3 in Peoria. Senior Adam Gough and Junior Philip Masini are going to the IMEA conference for band, Senior Eric Wood is going to State for orchestra, Claytor for honors choir, and Joshua Arshonsky and Madelyn Bryant are attending the IMEA conference for varsity choir.
According to Senior Eric Wood, who is  going to IMEA for orchestra, “It wasn’t a very big surprise, but I was definitely very excited.” Wood had been fourth chair in the district competition, and knew that the top five chairs usually went to state.  Wood had also been chosen to go the year before.
Wood calls the auditioning process “nerve-wracking”— part of the audition for orchestra consisted of a five-minute piece that Wood had practiced for hours.
Students at IMEA spend a few days rehearsing, six to seven hours a day. At the end of those three days, Claytor and Wood perform with other choir, band, and orchestra members that have made it to state.
“It was probably the most amazing experience I have ever had.  The fact that I was there with so many incredibly talented people,” Claytor said.  “It didn’t feel like I had to hold anybody up, I didn’t have to worry about anyone else.  It was very fun.”
In the future, Wood plans to be involved as a music student at whatever college he attends, though he doesn’t plan on majoring in music.  Currently, Wood is involved in choir and jazz band, and in many orchestras in the area.
Claytor plans on going to college for music education in voice, and hopes to get a job as a music teacher someday, and is currently in Prospect Marching Knights, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Honors Choir, Madrigals and Mixed Company.