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'American Idol': Week 2 Guys' Night

 Lee DeWyze
Lee DeWyze

Tuesday was supposed to be the girls’ night, but Crystal Bowersox was brought to the hospital, and under doctor’s commands, she could not perform, causing a need to reschedule.
The guys found out at 10 that they were going to perform. There shouldn’t be any issues there, though; it wasn’t like it was three hours before stage time.
So that meant that it was a Lee night! Whoo! Party! Now I had to contact all my friends and get them voting.
So we tuned in, not sure what to expect, and here’s what we found…
Big Mike, “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” by James Brown
Emmy: I’m not a huge James Brown fan, so I didn’t listen to him, really.
Big Mike handled this song very well. He is more of a smooth singer than a faster-paced sort of guy like he tried to be last week. Sure, he may be OK at the faster songs, but he is good with the slow songs.
I was kind of bored watching and listening him. For one, he didn’t bring great stage performance, so that put me to sleep a little. When I am sitting down watching TV in my very little spare time, I want to be entertained, not just sitting here listening to a boring song with bad stage performance.
With the judges, they all agreed that Mike set the bar high and that the acts tonight had to follow him. “[A] pussy cat to a lion in one week” Simon said.
John Park, “Gravity” by John Mayer
E: He actually redeemed himself from last week. I actually liked this song. A lot of these people were pulling it together. He put a lot of soul into it and really showed what he is about, and when kara said that he was safe, again i agreed. But no star power.

And, no, Ellen, I didn’t like how he looked; he looked sloppy. Honestly, a white t-shirt and jeans on “American Idol?”

Casey James, “I Don’t Want to Be” by Gavin DeGraw
E: He is amazing at the guitar. Can I just point that out right now? I really like guitars, and he does, too. He really knows how to play electric (I don’t, but like that matters).
He did GREAT this performance. The song suited him perfectly, and as I watched, I wanted to vote for him. I’m going to remember this performance, unlike John Park’s, who is struggling.
But Kara thought he took two steps backwards — gasp! She said that it’s a singing competition and that he didn’t take the song to another level. I don’t agree with her at all. And you too, Simon? Gosh! How is he like any guy in bar? He’s not walking around loopy. He’s doing amazing stuff on a guitar. Yeah, no guy in a bar can do that.
Alex Lambert, “Everybody Knows” by John Legend
E: He still has the mullet. Remember what I said, Alex: You are NOT a bounty hunter, so NO mullet.
Alex had stage fright; so what was he doing there, then? And then he was singing in another language. I can speak Spanish, too. Yo hablo español.
If people just listen to your voice, they are never going to go to a concert with you, unless everything is dark. It was OK; it wasn’t the best. And said Ellen, it’s like someone took the unripe banana and put it in a bag.
And I’m not rooting for him, Kara. I’m rooting for Lee DeWyze! Go Lee!
Todrick Hall, “What’s Love Got to Do With It” by Tina Turner
E: “Is this the guy who sings girls’ songs?” my mom asked me. Last week, he did “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson.
And apparently, he does push-ups because he found that it “makes my pecks look bigger on camera.” Um, OK?
I did not enjoy his performance. I wasn’t quite sure what the judges were going to think of the song, but it was not up to par, even with Big Mike setting the bar high. It was weak. I enjoyed his performance last week, actually.
As much as the crowd loves you, Todrick, I, and the judges, with the exception of Ellen, don’t love you.
Jermaine Sellers, “What’s Goin’ On” by Marvin Gaye
E: He wore a onsie; it was very colorful and had dinosaurs on it.
But the performance was not memorable. It had the qualities, like John Park’s, so that I had pretty much forgotten it within the next commercial. I don’t plan on remembering Jermaine. There’s not much to say about him because his performance was so blah. I liked him last week, but this week he didn’t excite me.
Andrew Garcia, “You Give Me Something” by James Morrison
E: No guitar! This is new.
This guy could easily get into the Top 5 this season. He has remained strong throughout the entire competition, even with last week’s FOB song.
Tuesday was no exception. He did great, and he can do well both with and without a guitar. I don’t know I would actually buy his CD if he got a record deal, but I wasn’t bored by his voice, unlike Big Mike’s, who I had forgotten about until just then.
As Ellen stated, he said he will never be able to live up to that Paula song. That will probably be his goal for the upcoming weeks. But no doubt, he’s going to be sticking around.
Aaron Kelly, “My Girl” by Temptations

E: He loves photography — high five, Aaron!
His performance was pretty solid, and the song was all right. He will probably make it to the Top 12; I don’t know how long he is going to last then, though.

Tim Urban, “Come on Get Higher” by Matt Nathanson
E: I have renamed him Sterling Musso. Tim has the heartthrob vote, and he will be sticking around for a while.
Now, I like “Come on Get Higher,” so I hoped that he could perform it well. So far, so great — I actually really liked him. I would probably buy his album if he ever came out with one. I like him. 🙂 Last week wasn’t a good week, so I was glad to see him have a good week.
OK, but Randy didn’t agree with me. Grr to you, “dawg.” Yeah, Ellen, put him on Glee. He could be an actor. Yay, Simon! It WAS an improvement from last week!
Lee Dewyze, “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder
E: Lee was actually the final act this week, and it had been bugging me that I had to wait this long to see him, but it would clearly be worth the wait.
I like this song and I like Lee. But I did miss his guitar.
Yes, we like you, we do like you, Lee, and we DO want you to stay! And then Simon said, “Vocally you are head and shoulders above everyone else in your side of the competition. You’re the best singer.”
I had to rewind the tape to make sure that I heard that right.
Maddie: Although I missed almost all of this episode of the show because of a combination of staying late after school and a mound of homework (propaganda essay…), I made sure that my mom let me know when Lee was performing; if there was any person for which I would be willing to risk lowering my grade, it would be Lee DeWyze.
And I wasn’t disappointed — far from it. Lee’s take on “Lips of an Angel,” while not necessarily that much better than “Chasing Cars” despite less pitch problems, was just good. There’s no other way to describe it — it was just absolutely, indisputably great. His voice’s rough edge came through in just the right intensity to fit the song, and he never once lost my attention, even if his posture was a little bit awkward.
Simon’s right: Lee DeWyze just might be the one to beat.
The Hits: Lee, Tim, Casey
The Misses: Jermaine, John
Wednesday, the girls perform. Be sure to tune in on Thursday night to see the live results — let’s hope our favorites don’t go home.
– Emmy Lindfors and Maddie Conway

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  • H

    Helena DaisyMar 19, 2010 at 9:52 am

    Commentary is expressing one’s opinion. Duh.

  • S

    Sir Jake GoodmanMar 10, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    This isn’t opinion. It is entertainment with commentary but still does not belong in the genre.