Young Life starts year strong

By Eva Schachtphoto (9)

News Editor

At 7:29 p.m., Prospect’s Young Life, a Christian youth group which has approximately 50 members from all District 214 schools, met in circle drive for their weekly hang-out night on September 4.

Each week, there will either be a “hang-out” night where the group will play games, and then the following week will be a club night, which is where the members will sing songs and other activities that have some sort of gospel message. Anybody can join each week as the year progresses.

After introductions were made, everybody was split up into two teams for a match of ultimate frisbee. After the game wore down and only the guys were playing, an intense four-square match heated up in front of the main doors.

Playing vigorously for about an hour, the group made an executive decision to go get food at Wendy’s. There, the group socialized and new and returning members chatted about school and the events that Young Life does.

According to area director Nate Rusticus, the purpose of Young Life is an opportunity for kids to hang out outside of school.

“We provide a positive atmosphere for kids to be at, with a Christ-centered message,” Rusticus said.

Young life is a non-profit group, which raises all their money from various fundraisers throughout the year. Last year, the group did a “7 to 7” where the group goes from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and participates in various activities in Chicago.

The group is sponsored by Dean Taylor, but the group itself is not associated with the funds of the school. Prospect is just the place where the activities are held. The activities will either be held in circle drive, the community room, or the library.

Senior Courtney Hernandez joined after she went on a Christian youth trip to Richmond, Virginia.

“When I got back to Illinois, I had to find something like [the camp] in Virginia, here,” Hernandez said.

Senior Will Slusher joined because his friends and him joined, and after that, Slusher got really into the group.

‘It’s a really cool group of kids and I just really like Young Life,” Slusher said. “Young Life has had a huge impact on my life, like meeting new people.”