Knightgames makes reappearance thanks to student’s independent efforts


Online Managing Editor


After Knightgames was cancelled last year, many students were angry with the administration, but didn’t take much action to fix the problem.

However, senior Christina Santiago decided to take action, and with the help of a few friends and the girl’s tennis team she is putting together her own Knightgames not sponsored by the school for all the students to enjoy.

“I’ve been talking with some of my friends over the summer and we were all really disappointed that there wasn’t going to be a knight games this year so we decided to make it happen,” Santiago said.

Santiago decided to “make it happen” next Wednesday, September 18 at Lion’s Park in Mount Prospect.  She has already received a permit from the city and has notified the police department about the event.  Santiago originally hoped to host the event in the pit of Melas Park, but the city could not give permits for that location because it is considered a retention pond.

Santiago hopes to keep the event as similar as possible to previous Knightgames, but there will be two new events: spikeball and a race to fill up a bucket with water only using sponges.  Other events that will make an appearance include a mummy rap, musical chairs, tug of war, an obstacle course and a three-legged race.

Another difference this year is that as of September 11, no staff members have signed up to participate in the event.

Although no teachers will be showing up, Santiago expects there to be quite a few students.  Santiago has been advertising the event through student representatives and class facebook pages.  The freshmen rep is Bridget Robertson, the sophomore rep is Gabrielle Ives, the junior rep is Lauren Becherer, and Santiago will be the representative for the senior class.

To sign up for the event, all someone would need to do is talk to the representative from their grade, and if there were still spots open, he/she would get to participate.

Santiago is expecting more juniors and seniors to appear with some sophomores and only a few freshmen. She expects there to be only a few freshman because they haven’t yet experienced the event to realize that it was one of the best parts of Homecoming week.

Santiago also does not believe that there will be any behavioral issues at the event because the students will realize that this is their event now.

“I think that there is a lot more of a mentality that this is [the students] event and we have to take care of it now,”  Santiago said. “Kids just want to have fun and cheer really loudly at Knightgames.  It’s not a Hunger Games that we are hosting.”