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Homecoming dance alternatives

By Nabi Dressler

Disclaimer: I’m not skipping Homecoming because I’m a bitter senior but because my cold is still inhibiting me from breathing out of my nose and I conveniently have four tests on Tuesday. I am not trying to dissuade others from attending.


For various reasons, some people just aren’t going to the Homecoming dance this year.

Sophomore Bhatki Patel won’t be attending the dance, but last year, she attended Homecoming on a whim.

“I didn’t know I was going until 5 minutes before,” Patel said. “I was getting my friends ready, and I was doing my hair and makeup just for fun, and they were like, ‘Dude, let’s just go,’ so I had my mom bring me my dress, and I was like, ‘Alright, let’s go.’”

Patel said she probably didn’t have a good time due to the fact that she wasn’t planning on going in the first place and was rushed into it.

Junior Allie DeCant also went to the dance her freshman year, and it wasn’t really her thing, so she just didn’t go last year and stuck with it. The only thing she wishes would be changed is the ticket price.

“I don’t like paying for the ticket,” DeCant said. “It’s overpriced; that’s pretty much it.”

Whatever the reason may be, there are alternatives that students are taking to still have a fun night.

DeCant will attend Homecoming next year, as a senior, but this year, she is having a movie night with her friends.

Patel and her few friends who aren’t going to the dance are going to Taco Bell and hang out instead. Her sister took her and her friends last weekend late at night and she had a lot of fun, so they plan on eating there again.
Patel recommends that students who don’t attend the dance have a movie night. DeCant also recommends students go to the movies, go bowling, go out to dinner or “all of the above.”
As for me, looks like I’ll be spending Saturday night eating cough drops and listening to mainstream pop on the radio in honor of the dance. Have a sweet Homecoming, everyone!

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