Young Entrepreneurs Academy searches for participants

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By Jack McDermott

Online Managing Editor

Posters for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA) could be spotted all over the academic wing this week advertising sign-ups for their program (as seen to the right).

YEA is a unique club because although it takes place at school from September to May, three hours a week, it is organized by the Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce.  Also unique to YEA is the idea that you can actually make money by participating.

Once enrolled in the program, students design a potential product alone or in a group and earn investments to bring their product to the market.  This product or idea is then sold to other students or the general public, and everything the students earn can be kept.

According to, participants get to legally register their business, participate in a trade show, and meet local CEOs.  The advisor of the class is also a business professional and will guide students through the difficulties of setting up a business.

To apply for YEA, a student would have to fill out an application here, and receive a recommendation.  The student would also have to be interviewed to make sure the potential product is reasonable.

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