'Carrie' an overall worthwhile experience

By Grace McKay

Entertainment Editor

Within five minutes of the movie, someone was already screaming “HELP ME!”.

Wait…was that the movie or me?  For some reason, that answer seems to be the latter.

Carrie, the remake of the 1976 movie, started off great.  Julianne Moore, Carrie’s mother in the horror flick, opens the movie with Moore  giving birth to her daughter Carrie, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, and she tries to kill the baby with a pair of scissors.

That was enough to have the viewers on the edges of the seats.

The movie continued to please all.  Ridiculed by her peers for getting her period, Carrie grew an intense hatred for the bullies.  Sound stereotypical?  Think again.

After Carrie was bullied for having her period, one of the bullies isn’t allowed to go to prom.  The bully and her boyfriend decided to dump pig blood on Carrie when she is crowned prom queen.  Carrie’s telekinesis,  pig blood, and betrayal from the mother caught the attention of movie-goers.

This movie had a beginning that was perfect. Julianne Moore is seen throughout the movie as a creepily devout religious woman.  She shoves Carrie into a closet several times, telling her to go pray for forgiveness from her sins.  Viewers sat in their chairs frightened, palms sweaty, a perfect reaction for a horror movie.

However, as soon as one of the bullies dumped pig blood on the prom queen, Carrie, as a prank, all hell broke loose.

Carrie used her telekinesis to murder a number of people at the prom that night.  Unfortunately, the effects in the movie were terrible.

The murders did not look realistic at all.  Watching this section of the movie is like watching Final Destination 5.  The deaths are just stupid and not thought out well.

The effects are cheesy, and the acting is hilariously bad.  The girl on fire, the girls getting trampled, and the people being split in half by the bleachers just looked so terrible.

To be fair, the movie started out great and finished on a good note.  The middle was just terrible.